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Consulting what data collect to increase productivity of your company or answer your questions
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Designing and creating of online questionnaire system using machine learning tools to improve data quality
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Analysis of data collected by us for you or you for us
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Presentations results of our work
About Us
We are a professional research agency that evolved at Olomouc University Social Helath Institute, specializing in research and data analysis. Our team is built upon the rich research background of a leading Czech university. We help our clients obtain valuable information through individually created online questionnaires. With our expert knowledge and the use of modern research methods, we guarantee you reliable data, quality processing, and a well-founded interpretation of the results.
Our Values
At OQS analytics, we are deeply committed to precise data analytics, insightful interpretations, and excellence in service.

We approach every project with the dedication as if it were our own, ensuring the highest standards of data integrity and analysis accuracy. Our emphasis extends beyond merely delivering results; we continuously seek avenues to provide deeper insights and more actionable recommendations. Our clients benefit from the confidence of knowing that they can rely on us for thorough, reliable, and actionable data analytics.
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Why to work with us?
  • Efficiency: We will ensure an efficient research process for you, with an emphasis on quality, accuracy, and reliability.
  • Thorough analysis and interpretation: Our team conducts a thorough data analysis using modern statistical methods and precisely interprets the results to provide you with detailed and relevant information.
  • Professional approach with university background: Our agency has a team of professionals with university education, who will provide you with expert support and advice based on the latest scientific knowledge.
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Who are our clients?


    We offer our services to individuals who are interested in conducting online research, such as evaluating products, services, or customer satisfaction.


    We collaborate with companies of various sizes and industries that need to conduct market research, gather customer feedback, or analyze the preferences and behaviors of their target audiences.

    Municipal and Local Authorities

    We provide services to cities, municipalities, and their administrative bodies interested in data collection and public opinion for strategic planning, public project decision-making, and resident satisfaction assessments.

    Various Organizations

    We partner with non-profit, research, and other organizations that need to conduct research in their areas of activity, such as healthcare, education, or the environment.

    Academic Sphere

    We also offer our services to researchers, universities, and academic institutions that need to conduct quantitative research, collect and analyze data, and prepare reports and presentations.

    Marketing Agencies

    We collaborate with marketing agencies that require research services for their clients, such as market analysis, target audience segmentation, or advertising campaign testing.

    Technology Companies

    We provide our services to technology companies and startups involved in innovation who need user feedback, product testing, and market trend monitoring.

Our services are tailored to the needs of various clients, and with experience across different domains, we provide you with research solutions that match the specific requirements and goals of your organization.
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